Monday, July 25, 2016

France-Sri Lanka exchange parity set to settle this year

"The parity of exchange between Sri Lanka and France will get to be steady in 2016 as against 2015. In 2015,Sri Lanka had bought three 380 Airbus flights for SriLankan Airlines from France, which took the aggregate estimation of exchange to US $ 1.2 billion, French represetative to Sri Lanka Jean Marin Schuh said.

"Sri Lanka and France two-sided exchange and venture are currently on a superior balance and the equalization of exchange will get to be steady for both nations this year. In this manner, exchange and speculation advancement will enhance in the years to come, French diplomat Schuh said as of late at the twelfth Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka-France Business Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The occasion was held at the Hilton Colombo Residencies, composed by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

"Further, France being the sixth biggest economy and a nation with a most progressive innovation, could help Sri Lanka's financial improvement attempts in a noteworthy way, Schuh said.

The envoy likewise said French organizations could be included in Sri Lanka's real base improvement ventures, including the present government's lead extend, the megapolis program.

He likewise said that there are numerous French organizations that could bolster the improvement exercises of Sri Lanka, particularly in urban advancement, water supply and administration, advancement of keen urban areas and the megapolis venture, which are currently in the pipeline.

A main French organization is currently required in gas investigation exercises on the East drift and if gas is found, it would be the principal French organization to help Sri Lanka in gas investigation in the nation, Schuh said.

"Sri Lanka-France Business Council advances exchange, venture and tourism for both nations. In 2016 more than 100,000 visitors are required to touch base in Sri Lanka because of the tranquil environment in the nation. In any case, the late Nice assault in France by a terrorist gathering will antagonistically influence exchange, venture and tourism for France amid the year, he said.

President, Sri Lanka-France Business Council Asanka Ratnayake said that in 2004 the Council was built up with 40 individuals and now it had formed into 75 individuals, containing top French business elements.

"Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a noteworthy change in the region of strategy changes, which would make a window of chance for exchange and speculation for both nations., Ratnayake said.


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