Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mr. Lawmaker, confront the mirror!

Legislative issues and government officials have turned into a pet point these days. Cambridge English Dictionary depicts the word legislative issues as 'exercises of an administration, individuals from law making association or individuals who attempt to impact the way a nation is administered'. Urban Dictionary, in any case, characterizes it distinctively viz: "Legislative issues got from the words poly signifying "numerous" and "tics" signifying 'parasitic parasites'.

As of now a government official's position has gotten to resemble that of an expert in Sri Lanka. A government official turns out to be either worthy or despised by the very individuals who choose him or her to Parliament contingent upon his or her capacity to legitimize the 'sugar-covered' guarantees made at general decisions;

however fame, genuineness, earnestness and straightforwardness are viewed as the fundamental fixings required for a legislator to survive.

With the amalgamation of two fundamental political gatherings in Sri Lanka (UNP and SLFP), and the rise of the new idea of 'Yahapalanaya', 19 months prior as the brainchild of the occupant President Maithripala Sirisena, to work as one as a solitary group for the advantage and advance of the country; it appears is showing hairline splits augmenting into significant gaps. In such a background it is tragic to watch the improvement of rather a riotous circumstance among the Parliamentary gatherings showing the most noticeably awful sort of childish demeanors where quibbling, belittling, infighting and discontinuity is occurring, apparently driving towards an anarchic circumstance among themselves, which just leaves the voter befuddled and confused.


In the former period Sri Lankan Parliamentarians were exhaustive men of their word of conspicuousness who hailed from respectable families. They were genuine and conferred and worked for the improvement of the country with fondness and devotion. All things considered, they too were human, and had their individual political belief systems, however when it came to national issues they disregarded their own worries or gathering governmental issues and stood firm as a group of genuine energetic children of the nation. Taking a gander at the world everywhere, Britain is a decent law based case to imitate the solidarity of a country. Amid the World War II and all through their military fight with the Falkland Islands, amid Lady Thatcher's prevalence, this was obviously apparent.

An irregular specimen of yesteryear government officials will indicate Dudley Senanayake's name coming at the highest priority on the rundown. He showed unassuming qualities as a parliamentarian. A man of his word who surrendered from the post of Prime Minister of the nation three times, yet the general population re-chose him in each occurrence. Toward the end of his visit in this world his bank parity uncovered just a couple of hundred rupees shockingly!

Dudley Senanayake utilized a common man's vehicle, a Triumph Herald, as his private auto. He never had any security reinforcements and escort vehicles, instead of what individuals in this nation have found in the prompt past where lawmakers (from Government Ministers down to the customary Members of Parliament and Provincial Councilors are being driven in extravagance pajeros, intercoolers, Mercedes Benz, Volvos and different limousines normally determined by tycoons of different nations.

S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike left a considerable amount of money related liabilities at the season of his death; having attempted his best to satisfy his promises to the general population, while fiddling with governmental issues. Dr. N. M. Perera, an educated person, and also a lawmaker with his communist belief system, did not wish to bow down to exploitative governmental issues, which obviously precluded him the open door from claiming seizing power. Wijeyananda Dahanayake originated from a common foundation however set a heavenly case to parliamentarians, of eras to come, by driving from Galle to Colombo in a CGR (Ceylon Government Railway) third Class compartment blending with the workers.

What was normal among the former era of Sri Lankan government officials was a hefty portion of them entered legislative issues from great family foundations, very instructed (the vast majority of them had gone to remote colleges) with devotion, patriotism and completely dedicated to work for the general population and additionally the nation. A large portion of them having hailed from rich families had no longing to win that additional buck out of legislative issues utilizing their influence and political may, instead of a portion of the present day breed who have been selected as parliamentarians less any such good characteristics of their progenitors.

On the brighter side however, one reassurance today is the nonappearance of damnation's holy messengers and move down vehicles, in front and at the back of VIPs going on streets, pushing all other street clients to the channels to clear a path for their lords who accepted they were an exceptional breed tumbled from paradise. Yet at the same time the voracity, liberality and the pride to ride in Mercedes Benz autos and SUVs is by all accounts the request of the day for parliamentarians of all tones, which will cost millions to the citizen! The late endorsement of obligation free auto grants to all parliamentarians, which brought on a tremendous open objection, and halted however briefly by the legislature.

Present day governmental issues in Sri Lanka are weakened, tainted and adulterated to the center! It has changed into a flourishing business as could be seen by the quantity of purported " fair' men and their goons supposedly blamed for different sorts of extortion and of appropriating open assets are seen every now and again going to the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID). More than once, getting detained and afterward being rescued, once more, following a couple days returning to on encores for different affirmations. At the same time complicated, convoluted and indulgent request are as yet advancing into dark zones, as indicated by government sources! These make the fretful open disappointed and who have a tendency to trust that the pounding wheels of the Yahapalanaya are getting to be corroded, and if by any means, turns at snail's pace!

Sri Lanka has additionally figured out how to wind up a record holder in world governmental issues, by turning into the main nation where parliamentarians meet all requirements for a retirement benefits in the wake of sticking on to their 'Individual from Parliament' tag for a long time! What an astounding open door for them and for the entire world to end up green with jealousy! This ought to be recorded in brilliant letters in the Guinness Book of Records as their annuity rights come in the wake of drawing great looking pay rates pumped up with advantages and remittances of numerous a kind. Official living arrangements, free power, which helps some of them to have cooling every minute of every day even in their washrooms, assess free vehicles, free fuel, body protects and the parcel, they appreciate, amid their five year term, and wind up as yet draining blood out of the nation's coffers.

The purpose behind some of our present day legislators to wind up disliked could be supported by the way that not very many of them have the great properties of their political precursors, be it as an agent of the general population at Local Government, Provincial Council, or Parliament; a level of indecent prosperity appears to influence them! This is the primary motivation behind why society is getting ghastliness hit with the present part, as some of them have gotten to be attackers, hooligans and cheats of open assets, who take the political may into their own hands and show their boisterous conduct notwithstanding amid parliamentary sessions notwithstanding stooping to absolute canal levels of the most noticeably bad kind.

On the off chance that a general assessment is justified on the present day lawmaker in Sri Lanka, a benevolent counsel would be to say cordially: 'Dear Mr. Legislator, when you get up in the morning, please observe yourself in the mirror and make a basic inquiry as to who you seem to be? Sit tight for the mirror picture replay which say to you: " Remember my dear companion, you are close to a little hireling of the general population; in front of you today is a significant obligation, and that is to serve your country'!


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